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 Sticky Ads: The UCZ

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PostSubject: Sticky Ads: The UCZ   Sticky Ads: The UCZ EmptySun Jan 11, 2009 12:14 pm

Site Name: The UCZ

Site URL: http://s3.zetaboards.com/Uzumaki_Clan_Zenith/index/



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Image courtesy of Xarina of MadAds.

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The Uzumaki Clan Zenith

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A great anime talk forum covering every aspect of anime.

Featuring an awesome Naruto RPG with a 4+ Year success, we offer many services. The RPG is undergoing a revamp within itself that will eventually offer newer and much more fun horizons for RPers. The new RPG will include more anime series to RP from and a much more fun RPG system.

Don't know about a series and want to get an overview of one? Our MANGANIME Idol is the place to be where our trained reviewers review almost every single types of anime and manga, thus giving YOU the information you want.

Tired of always looking at large sites to read the news? Tired of reading entire articles? Our reporters will give you a quick summary and get to the point of what's happening in today's anime and manga world.

Our developed Anime & Manga section covers almost every aspect of every anime and manga series available by genre! There's always interesting discussions in these sections!

With new contests such as the Anime Song of the Week, Weapon of the Week, and more to come like Anime Series of the Week and Voice Actor/Actress of the Week, there will always be fun after dark!

We're always getting better with a friendly community and helpful staff who will definitely leave a positively profound mark on anyone's life.

Visit our newly revamped UCZ After Dark to see what all the commotion is about!

[big]As Always, Your #1 spot for anime and manga![/big]

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Sticky Ads: The UCZ
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